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PRO-SPORT RS Program, linked to the Secretariat for Sports and Leisure - SEL, aims to promote the application of its financial resources in projects to promote sports and non-sports practices, formal and non-formal, and the development of sports in its various areas of activity, expressions and modalities, in the form of tax benefits.

Cartaz/Banner do Projeto "Amanda Criscuoli Tavares Rumo ao Sonho Olímpico de Escalada"


Amanda Criscuoli Tavares Towards the Olympic Climbing Dream

Period: August/2023 - August/2024

The main objective of the project is to provide national and international competitive conditions to the Under-20 athlete Amanda Criscuoli Tavares in the Olympic Sport Climbing modality and to enable her participation in the main official national competitions and an international youth championship.


For this, it is necessary to provide high-performance technical and physical training to prepare them for these national and international competitions.


In order to adequately prepare for the competitions, we also need to carry out simulations of championships and specific training and for this we need to acquire grips and carry out the assembly of tracks and boulders for the competition simulations (the Boulder and Difficulty modalities make up the championship of climbing on the Olympic model).


Daniela Azevedo - Preparadora Física de Alta Performance

Daniela Azevedo
CREF/RS: 4391-G/RS

High Performance Physical Trainer

The purpose of the physical preparation of the athlete Amanda is the long-term athletic development, enhancing the sporting gesture. Raising levels of strength qualities such as peak isometric strength, explosive strength (TDF); as well as joint mobility and stability, flexibility, power; among other physical abilities.

Fabiane P. Criscuili - Proponente e Gerente do Projeto

Fabiane Criscuoli

Proponent and Project Management

I am responsible for preparing and executing the Amanda Criscuoli Tavares project Towards the Olympic Climbing Dream, as well as being Legally Responsible for the Athlete, operational and financial organization of all training and trips made for competition.

Carlos Eduardo Peixoto - Contador

Carlos Eduardo Peixoto
 CRC/RS: 69677


Accountant Registered with the Regional Accounting Council of Rio Grande do Sul, Graduated from the Technological Center of ACM in Porto Alegre in 2003, he has more than 20 (twenty) years of experience in the accounting and business management area.


Its main responsibility is to carry out the correct accounting of the project and support in rendering accounts.

Anderson Gouveia - Assessoria de Escalada de Competição

Anderson Gouveia

Competition Climbing Advice

Climbing training will be done according to planning and specialized guidelines by Anderson Gouveia's Strategic Advisory - Coach of the Brazilian Under-20 Team.


The athlete will carry out the training alone with the objective of preparing for the national and international championships that she will participate.


Logomarca AGM - Associação Gaúcha de Montanhismo
Logomarca Ginásio PSICOZONE


One of the most important parts of this project concerns the compensation, and I made a point of carrying out social compensation where I could take a little of my climbing journey, the benefits, and in the places that were possible, the practice of climbing for young people from public schools.

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