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These are the people who make everything possible. Talented professionals and amazing people!!


Coach - Technical e Championships

Ramiro is a sports climbing teacher/coach and has been dedicated to the study of human movement, in addition to being very active in climbing.


It has a history of important sports routes, having climbed 8a+ FR/10a BR.


He has traveled all over the world climbing in several places like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Chile, among others. Here in Brazil has been in the main places of sports climbing like Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paraná, Rio Grande de Sul, etc, always climbing routes in high level.


Our partnership started in 2015 and since then I have been following your training and orientation in the championships and competitions. Whenever possible he has accompanied me in competitions and been at my side to keep evolving.


Coach - Rock Climbing

Balen has already sent some of the most difficult sports routes in Brazil, such as Coquetel de Energia, Mr. Bill, Massa Crítica, Sombra e Escuridão, all graduated in 10C Brazil - 5.14A US - 8B+ France.

He also travels to major sports climbing areas outside the country, such as Argentina, Spain and France, sending or working on various projects. The last time he was in Spain in 2011, he sent more than 20 routes equal or superior to 9C Brazil - 5.13B US - 8A France, thus adding more than 100 routes made throughout his career with this graduation or more.

When he started climbing, Balen also excelled in championships. He was 3x Brazilian Champion (1999, 2001 and 2004), Brazilian Vice-Champion in 2000, Pan-American Champion in Chile (2000) and 3rd place in the South American (Best Brazilian placement in history), also in 2000, among other results.

Fotos Dani e Amanda.jpg

Leandro Benedetto Todeschini




In addition to a great friend and climbing partner, he is responsible for a complete work of functional physiotherapy and rehabilitation, appropriate to my age and the sport we practice.

Dr. Silvana Montardo Diniz  


CRM: 17959

Orthopedics and Traumatology

Besides being a great climber, she is my support and guidance in the prevention and treatment of injuries. With the climbing experience, we have already done some specific work and treatments.

Luca Mallmann.jpeg

Lucas Mallmann
CRN2: 14617D


One of the great concerns is my feed and Lucas is the one who makes everything stick strictly to what I need for this intense activity that is the sport climbing, always gathering the most modern in nutrition.


Official Spotter/Lead Belayer and My Mother

No need presentation: my mother, responsible for my safety during climbing, companion, encouragement, everything!! She is the one who makes the climbing trips happen and they come out perfect ... ALWAYS!

⏳ More than 15 years of rock climbing

🏆 RGS State Champion (FGM) - Boulder +40 (2015/2016)


Digital Media and My Father

He is the one who shoots, record and edits everything and, together, we publish in the media all. My father is my great incentive in this sport, in addition, he is my second coach, loader of everything, mentor…

⏳ More than 15 years of rock climbing

🏆 RGS State Champion (FGM) - Boulder +40 (2015/2016)

🏅 Brazilian Vice-Champion (ABEE) - Boulder 40+ (2016)

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